What Jane's Clients Say

Liz and Dan G.

Jane O'Connor helped us purchase our home and was extremely friendly and professional. She knew her neighborhoods, and encouraged us to expand our search area so we could find the perfect home for our family. Our search began in August and ended in December. Jane was patient and encouraging as we jumped through lots of hoops to get our financing in place. We looked at many homes together, and Jane helped us to find the perfect new home. We feel we paid a fair price and are happy with the negotiations. Jane helped make the purchase feel like a win-win situation for both the sellers and for us. We highly recommend her.

Jordan L.

We bought our first home in December of 2016 (Merry Christmas to us) and Jane helped us tremendously throughout the whole process. Being a first-time buyer, I had a lot of questions. She had all the answers and explained everything in a way we could easily understand. Jane was professional, punctual, and patient. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Liz E. and Deb C.

We had a wonderful experience working with Jane! She was on it from the start- eager to meet with us to get the process going and skilled at assessing our needs. She is warm, friendly, and a good negotiator to boot! Prompt to return phone calls and emails, Jane can be counted on to follow up and get the job done. Our process went smoothly and quickly which is no small feat given the competitive Portland market. We highly recommend Jane!

Kyle and Susan A.

We had to pleasure of working with Jane to sell and then to buy! To say Jane went above and beyond would be an understatement. She was so easy to work with, very thoughtful and understanding. She listened to our wants and needs. She was ALWAYS available to help in anyway she could. Buying and selling can be so stressful and she made the process a lot easier for our family. Highly recommend Jane to anyone looking to buy or sell!